A collection of David Jennings' works

Op.1     Piano Sonata
Op.2     Three Sonatinas for Piano
Op.3     Ballade for Violin, Cello and Piano
Op.4     Gargoyles for Octet
Op.5     The Lincoln Imp for Orchestra
Op.6     Prelude and Fugue for Piano
Op.7     Fantasia on a Medieval Theme ("Medieval Fantasia") for Strings and 2 Harps
Op.8     Oboe Sonata
Op.9     Matisse Fantasy Suite for Flute, Clarinet, Harp and String Quartet
Op.10   String Quartet
Op.11   Divertimento for String Quartet
Op.12   Passacaglia and Fugue for Violin and Piano
Op.13   Nonet
Op.14   Fantasy Quintet on Themes by Schubert
Op.15   Neoclassical Symphony
Op.16   Serenade in C for Small Orchestra 
Op.17   Three Lyrical Pieces for Piano
Op.18   Miniature Suite for Piano
  Harvest Moon - Suite for Piano (includes "Innisfallen Lake")
Op.20   Three Irish Pieces for Violin and Piano 
Op.21   "Glide, rich streams, away!" for Mezzo-Soprano, Oboe and Piano (Coleridge Song Cycle)
Op.22   "A Weardale Rhapsody" for Violin and Piano (work in progress)